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    Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences from Universidad de Chile´s Law School (2015). Also, she has graduate studies at the School of Economy and Administration of Universidad de Chile (2017).


    She started working as a legal clerk at the task legal area of the law firm Philippi, Yrarrázaval, Pulido & Brunner (2011-2012), and later as a littigation attorney at the law firm Carey y Cía. (2016-2019), becoming part of the law firm López Escobar Del Río as a lawyer in 2019.
    She participated as a speaker of the University of Chile’s Law School Team at the Competition of International Commercial Arbitration, organized by the American University Washington College of Law held in Washington, United States, in September of 2012.
    In the educational area, she has performed as a Teaching Assistant of Procedural and Civil Law and of Micro and Macro Economics at the Universidad de Chile’s Law School. Also, during 2018 she performed as Executive Coordinator of the Modern Contract Law Post Graduate Course at the same University.
    Her professional practice is focused on civil, commercial and criminal proceedings.
    She is a member of the Chilean Bar Association A.G.
    Languages: Spanish and English.